Workforce Holdings Limited was established in 1972, and has grown from a staff and labour provider into a large diversified group of companies offering an extensive range of inter-related solutions for the supply, management and administration of the human resources requirements of a broad base of industry sectors locally and internationally.

In line with our vision of being the leading provider of innovative and diversified employer-centric solutions, and as part of our diversification strategy, our business is structured into five focus areas comprising staffing and recruitment, financial and lifestyle products, training and consulting, employee health management and process outsourcing. Services integration of niche focused operating divisions within these focus areas extends the group’s capabilities to a full-service solutions provider covering all aspects of the human resources management matrix for optimum cost and operational effectiveness.

We believe that this structure is core to the sustainable growth of our business and that it will facilitate further development and innovation of new product lines and entry into new markets.

Our people
Our intellectual capital is made up of individuals who are entrepreneurial by nature, progressive, and thrive on finding solutions that create value for our business and for our clients, while simultaneously advancing their own careers.

To this end, the group is committed to developing best practice human resources management processes, including a focus on facilitating career development specifically for our junior management and employees from designated groups.


Central to the development of the group’s competitive advantage is our commitment to achieving broad-based black economic empowerment through initiatives such as skills development, employment equity, preferential procurement, and enterprise development. Workforce currently has a level 3 (AA) empowerment rating from Empowerdex.