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Title and synopsis


UNIVERSAL ACCESS - HOW TO CREATE A WORKPLACE WITHOUT BARRIERS. As National Disability Rights Awareness Month comes to a close, we review the topic of Universal Access, and how this affects South Africans in the workplace. Read more here

30 November 2016

The Workforce Group comments on the net employment outlook Read more here

15 June 2016

In the current tough economic climate, organisations of all sizes are looking for ways to maximize productivity, reduce operational costs, streamline their manpower management processes, and improve their operational efficiencies. Read more here

18 March 2016

It’s been a long time coming, but the news that the highest court in the land has confirmed that dental assistants are due the recognition and protection afforded to many other healthcare professionals is extremely positive – it’s good for dentists and their patients, and certainly great news for dental assistants themselves. Read more here

14 March 2016

Employment businesses countrywide are welcoming the Labour Court’s judgement in respect of the ‘deeming provision’ which was introduced to the Labour Relations Act at the beginning of this year. Read more here

30 September 2015

Drugs, alcohol often used on mines to cope with pressures of daily life
JOHANNESBURG – Drug and alcohol abuse among mineworkers is an ongoing battle, as drugs are often used as a coping mechanism to deal with stress, unhappiness or the pressures of daily life, drug and alcohol testing distributor ALCO-Safe director Rhys Evans tells Mining Weekly. Read more here

25 September 2015

Substance abuse assistance vital in mining industry, says wellness firm
While the mining industry’s awareness of the importance of substance abuse management and assistance programmes for employees is slowly increasing, there has not been a significant shift towards implementing these programmes, says specialist health and wellness company Workforce Healthcare MD Dr Richard Malkin. Read more here

21 September 2015

Judgement on the interpretation of the "Deeming Provision"
A message from Lawrence Diamond, Workforce Holdings Chief Executive Officer. On 8 September 2015, judgement was handed down at the Labour Court to provide much needed clarity around the issue of the “deeming provision. Read more here

10 September 2015

It’s time to promote, support and encourage nursing professionals
The nursing profession is one that suffers from a severe skills shortage, with healthcare facilities struggling to provide the services that they need because there simply aren’t enough professionals on their books – or within their permanent staff budgets – to do so. Read more here

17 August 2015

Nursing needs Temporary Employment Services for the profession to survive

In some sectors of the economy, the nature of the work means that a more fluid workforce better suits the needs of the worker, the employer and the end customer.  Read more here

15 July 2015

Revised B-BBEE Codes demand strong partnerships in skills development

The Revised Codes of Good Practice for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) are now in play, with far reaching implications for companies that do not have at least a 51% ratio of black ownership. Read more here

13 July 2015

Intervention in the workplace is key to addressing substance abuse

South Africa has built itself the dubious reputation of having one of the highest rates of substance abuse in the world, with 15% of the population, or 1 in 10 people, being diagnosed with a drug problem. In fact, the abuse of hard drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs is estimated to cost the country in excess of R20 billion each year. Read more here

22 June 2015